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Militzer & Münch exclusive myAirCargo partner in Europe

St. Gallen, 13 October 2016. The Militzer & Münch Group cooperates with Lufthansa freight subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo on a new service: via myAirCargo, private individuals can have international airfreight shipments transported door-to-door. The offer is intended primarily for travelers who buy a piece of furniture, a motorcycle or an art object that is too large or heavy to take back home as carry-on luggage.

As of now, the new Lufthansa Cargo service allows private customers the international transport of large items of freight by air. At this stage, the offer is valid only on the routes connecting Europe and the United Sates. "We are glad that now also our private customers can directly profit from our long years of experience in air freight. The cooperation with competent logistics partners makes it possible", says Dr. Pilar Fresnillo, Director Offer Innovation at Lufthansa Cargo.

For myAirCargo, Militzer & Münch serves the entire European market, organizes customs clearance and value added services. Militzer & Münch's US American partner Pilot Freight Services does the handling in the USA. "We are glad we were able to convince Lufthansa Cargo with our knowhow to cooperate with us in Europe, in import a well as in export", says Klaus Jäger, Managing Director Global Air & Sea and Member of the Militzer & Münch Group Management. Step by step, additional routes will be offered via myAirCargo. "Militzer & Münch automatically handles all traffics for myAirCargo routed via Europe", Klaus Jäger says.

Intensive preparation
The kick-off for the new project was in April 2015, when the project group with representatives of Lufthansa and Militzer & Münch came together for initial talks. In September 2015, Lufthansa Cargo launched the tender for a myAirCargo logistics partner on the European market. Militzer & Münch was awarded the contract in January 2016.

In Frankfurt, Militzer & Münch coordinates the operative handling for myAirCargo in the Europe Region. With exports, the staff of the Militzer & Münch Air & Sea branch office are responsible for the collection of the goods at the customer's; they draw up the accompanying documents and get the shipment ready for transport - this includes weighing, measuring, customs clearance, and security check. With imports, Militzer & Münch does the customs clearance and the on-carriage to the consignee's.

Uncomplicated booking
The myAirCargo service is custom-tailored for oversized items and objects weighing over 50 kilograms. Placing the order is simple: the website directs interested parties to the booking portal. After entering the weight and measurements of the consignment, as well as the route, the customer gets real-time price information. The online booking confirms the order, and in cooperation with the local transport partners, Lufthansa Cargo organizes the entire supply chain from collection to delivery of the freight. "Booking airfreight online, fast, direct, and easy - we are the only ones to offer that", says Fresnillo.